Fan Art Contest?!!!

I told my Facebook friends/fans that if my post about the idea of running a fan art contest for my novella "That Prince Guy" received 20 likes, I'd run it. I need to know there is genuine interest in participating and witnessing this, after all. It's been a couple days and that post has only … Continue reading Fan Art Contest?!!!

Self-Help Booklet Coming Soon!

At the beginning of the year I worked out a self-help process that helped me work through my depression enough to get myself out of bed or off the couch and start doing things again. Overall it's about a three step process, not including simple-ish mindset shifts, and I wrote it up as a book … Continue reading Self-Help Booklet Coming Soon!

Depression in Recovering Happily Ever After

Are you curious about how, exactly, I address depression in my Recovering Happily Ever After series? I have yet to come across a certain diversity in how depression is portrayed in fiction, or at least I haven't found any fiction that intentionally portrays depression in these specific ways. There are different stages of depression, and … Continue reading Depression in Recovering Happily Ever After