January 2020 Update

Sweet dang, I've had views on my blog almost every day. Often multiple. Where are you people coming from? Clearly I'm doing something wrong because no one is liking my posts or subscribing to this blog... First off, Book 3 is written and out with beta readers! I expect to publish it in the latter … Continue reading January 2020 Update

Self-Help Booklet Coming Soon!

At the beginning of the year I worked out a self-help process that helped me work through my depression enough to get myself out of bed or off the couch and start doing things again. Overall it's about a three step process, not including simple-ish mindset shifts, and I wrote it up as a book … Continue reading Self-Help Booklet Coming Soon!

Depression in Recovering Happily Ever After

Are you curious about how, exactly, I address depression in my Recovering Happily Ever After series? I have yet to come across a certain diversity in how depression is portrayed in fiction, or at least I haven't found any fiction that intentionally portrays depression in these specific ways. There are different stages of depression, and … Continue reading Depression in Recovering Happily Ever After